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The NVest Securities Living Annuity Income portfolio is designed to generate an after-tax income of 5.5% via investments in a diversified group of asset classes, including JSE listed equities, listed Property stocks, Preference shares and Government Bonds.

Providing the investor with a dependable stream of income from a broad asset set is the predominant focus on this investment solution. Some degree of capital growth is expected over time, we do however expect to attain some degree of capital growth over time. The diverse mix of asset classes serves to reduce the volatility in the portfolio.

Who should invest?

Available only to Independent financial advisors, for their client’s retirement needs, our Living Annuity solution is predominately but not exclusively an investment aimed at providing clients with a constant income drawdown, while protecting their capital.


R250 000

Minimum investment amount

+ 7 yrs

Investment Term

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Not sure which solution suits you best?


Whether you are a private investor or an independent financial advisor, NVest Securities has a range of Offshore and Local Investment Solutions tailored to suit your or your clients’ financial goals.

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