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Local Investment Solutions

Your trust is our most valuable asset. We have structured our investment solutions with you in mind.

General Equity


A portfolio that focuses on capital growth over a long-term investment horizon via investing in JSE listed companies.

Income Growth


A more conservative portfolio for investors looking for a mix of income and growth.

Managed Income


A high yielding portfolio meeting the needs of investors with high-income requirements.

NVest Global


An investment solution that provides investors with an opportunity to gain exposure to a focused portfolio of leading international companies.

NVest Balanced


A Multi-Asset portfolio aiming to achieve total returns in excess of CPI + 5% 

NVest Stable 


A Multi-Asset portfolio aiming to achieve total returns in excess of CPI + 3% 

Execution Only

A non-managed solution
A trading execution service. This is a non-managed solution where by NVest Securities will facilitate requested transactions on instruction from clients.

Looking for something else?

Not sure which solution suits you best?


Whether you are a private investor or an independent financial advisor, NVest Securities has a range of Offshore and Local Investment Solutions tailored to suit your or your clients’ financial goals.

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